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Breeding Contract
Fairhaven Farm

Fairhaven Farm
Transported Semen Stallion Contract
2000 Breeding Season

I, ___________________________, hereby confirm by reservation to the stallion GRUSUS for the 2000 breeding season. If said stallion is alive, fit to breed and standing for Fairhaven Farm, I understand and accept the following terms:

1. A veterinary examination and current uterine culture taken when the mare is in heat must show she's in sound breeding condition and free of infection. This is a condition of service.

2. Fees:

a) A non-refundable $200.00 booking fee (payable to Fairhaven Farm) must be returned to Fairhaven Farm with this contract.

b) The balance of the breeding fee (payable to Fairhaven Farm), which is __________ , must be received by Fairhaven Farm before the shipment of the semen.

c) A $320.00 shipping and collection fee deposit must be paid to Equine Reproduction Concepts prior to the shipment of semen. Collection and shipping costs will be deducted from the $320.00 deposit. At the end of the breeding season, any unused deposit will be refunded. If collection and shipping costs exceed the $320.00 deposit, a further deposit will be requested before more semen will be shipped. The following fee schedule indicates an estimated cost for one shipment of semen to be $160.00 for one-day service, and $230.00 for same-day service:

Collection and Processing Fee $85.00
Same-day service (Airlines) $65.00
Transport to airport $55.00
One-day service (Federal Express) $50.00
Rental of Equitainer (5 days, 1 shipment) $25.00
Late Fee for Equitainer Return $10.00/day

* Equitainers must be returned to Equine Reproduction Concepts (111 Hackleys Mill Road, Amissville VA 20106). Prompt return of the equitainer is extremely important to ensure an adequate supply of shipping containers. Semen will not be shipped on a subsequent heat if containers have not been returned from the previous heat. Federal Express or United Parcel Service (2nd day air) are the best methods of returning containers.

3. Fairhaven Farm and ERC are not responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged semen and make no representations or warranties with respect to any semen furnished except that it is the semen from the above mentioned stallion. The semen must be administered by a licensed veterinarian or by a breeding technician approved by the stallion owner. This approval constitutes a part of this contract and without it the live foal guarantee is null and void.

4. This contract guarantees return privileges for the same mare if the mare is examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be barren at 30 days for the date of the last service. This contract is not transferable. Substitute mares require Fairhaven Farm approval.

5. If the mare bred to Grusus does not produce a live foal that stands and sucks, the mare owner is entitled to a return breeding. This guarantee applies only in the event that Fairhaven Farm is notified by registered mail within 48 hours of the foal's death. A statement of details by a licensed veterinarian must follow within 10 days or the guarantee becomes null and void. This clause is also binding in the case of abortion.

6. I understand that the mare owner shall assume all responsibility for the condition of the mare and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare whether by death, disease, injury or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever and therefore agrees to hold the stallion owner, Fairhaven Farm, and ERC harmless for any and all damages associated therewith.

7. I understand that the mare owner or veterinarian who is to perform the insemination must contact Equine Reproduction Copncepts by telephone (540-937-9832) 48 hours before semen will be shipped. Failure to do so may absolve the stallion owner of any obligation under this contract. It is essential that communication be established and maintained between the inseminating veterinarian or mare owner and ERC. We recommend that your veterinarian closely follow your mare?vulation cycle by daily palpation throughout her heat so that you know as accurately as possible when your mare actually ovulates.

8. Mare Identification

Name of Mare: ______________________ Reg # ________ Birthdate ____

Breed: ___________ Dam: ______________ Reg # _________
Sire : ______________ Reg # _________
Dam's Sire : ______________ Reg # _________

Maiden: ______ Barren: ______

Name/Address of approved breeding station or veterinarian to whom semen will be shipped:




Address of Mare Owner:



___________________Telephone : _____________(home) _____________(work)

Signature of Mare Owner: ____________________________________

If you have any questions, or information you wish to relay, please feel free to contact us.

Fairhaven Farm
P.O. Box 8
Waterford, VA 20197
(PHONE) 540-882-3010
(FAX) 540-882-3719